Styles Of Gangster Costumes For Women You Can Wear

In recent years gangster costumes for women have become extremely popular. This is because there is such a wide range of costumes available to suit all women’s tastes.

When it comes to choosing such a costume you have the option to go as one of the members of the gang or as one of their moll’s. If you would prefer to go as a gangster rather than a moll the costume you need to wear is very simple. A black pin stripe suit, a black shirt and a white tie.

Not only does this particular costume look very classical but also looks very chic. So the perfect outfit to wear to say your company’s fancy dress party this Halloween.

As for the moll gangster costume for women these are a lot more feminine and when teamed with the right accessories can also look very sexy. In fact if you really want to look the moll part go for a pair of hot pants.

Great costumes for women are also Burlesque costumes, which you can buy here: or a gladiator women costume, which you can buy here: .




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