Two Zumba Songs You Should Not Forget To Include In Your Zumba Playlist

Here you can find two songs that you should include in your zumba playlist described. If you want to find a great zumba playlist, click here.

La Excelencia – Salsa Dura

Raw, hard-driving, rhythmic and modern, this album will certainly be one of the main highlights of 2012. Currently, New York’s La Excelencia is actually back with their fabulous sophomore album Mi Tumbao Social. After the latest inclination towards Latin music artists repeating older stuff and releasing songs, music lovers will definitely increase the volume and would feel enthusiastic. Could they repeat the same? Would they? La Excelencia – Salsa Dura has surely done. The album is very hard driving, innovative, raw with throbbing rhythms, words that tell a modern story sung by magnificent soneros and so melodious that you can easily work up a sweat simply sitting in your chair and listening to this superb album.

Booka Shade – Cha!

After the two earlier released songs that tend to open the album, &”Double Identity,” & “Vertigo”, this album actually settles into an unhurried flow that tends to incorporate a handful of comparatively brief, tuneful interludes that work as melodious breathers between the electronic thump of key tracks like &”Something Physical.” and “S.T.A.R.R.Z” During the end of the album, the almost ambient Moonstruck” and even neo-psychedelia (which incorporates a string sample strangely evocative of the hook from Flaming Lips’ and versatile “Race for the Prize”) actually taps the record with an interestingly untried coda. Music lovers will be delighted by this wonderful Booka Shade – Cha! as the tunes, songs and music are simply great.

You can also find these two tracks here.

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